Client Testimonials

Shannon is exceptional! Her coaching was a jewel that was precious to me. I felt I had an instant new companion, but also that I was in conversation with a trusted and faithful guide who I’d known for a long while – because of the depth of the connection. I imagine she will have an almost instant bond with all her clients. Even when I felt my progress was sub-par, Shannon picked a silver lining out of my sharing, every time! She boosted the strengths until I felt, oh, I really should be proud of that accomplishment, no matter how miniscule!
Shannon is organized! She is prompt and very courteously ended sessions on time. She allowed me to guide the focus of our times together, and assisted me hugely in prioritizing my goals, somehow whittling them down into attainable segments. She also made me feel as if my goals were measurable, by asking me to give percentages of how I believed I reached them over the previous week. Best of all, I am continuing almost all of my desired goals, many weeks following our final time together. Finally, Shannon has the voice of an angel. Believe me when I say it is one of the most soothing I’ve ever heard in my life! I could literally hear joy in her words, and felt a gigantic smile on the other end of the
phone! Pick her! Let her coach you! Your life will immeasurably change. Go for it!


In the few months I've been working with Shannon Gray, not only have I made great strides in the areas I felt I needed to focus on the most, I've built a strong partnership with a trustworthy and compassionate coach - who I recommend with the highest regard. Shannon has an outstanding ability to identify the root causes of dysfunction and regression, and has a high propensity for transforming pain points into a healing process. Her passion for change and improvement has lead me to discover effective methods in embracing new directions and bettering myself. She has been a true catalyst in challenging me to think of and perform in creative ways to overcome obstacles and achieve my goals. Health Coaching with Shannon Gray has been a truly redeeming experience and I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in making positive changes in their lives. Thank you, Shannon, for a wonderful and effective coaching experience!


I had long believed that it is difficult to achieve our goals and dreams in life without our health and invested heavily in my health all my life.  I am a 3rd degree black belt in martial arts, own a well-equipped garage gym where I train 3-4 times a week, and own more health-related books and magazines some of which I have read dozens of times.  However, until I began coaching sessions with Shannon and learned about Duke Integrative Medicine’s Wheel of Health, I did not realize how limited my focus was.  Each session, we focused on developing a habit in different areas to be integrated into my life and soon after I began enjoying more balanced approach to managing my health resulting in happier, healthier, and more fulfilled version of me.  Shannon does an incredible job of encouraging me to explore the parts of my mind I rarely use to formulate a plan that fits my personality and lifestyle.  Coming from someone who had once considered himself far more advanced in managing his health than his peers, I would highly encourage everyone to work with Shannon and experience her approach for themselves.  


I am so thankful that I signed up for personal coaching with Shannon. My time with her was so helpful in helping me make choices to live my best and healthiest life but also for me to consider and understand what is most important to me. For most of my life I lived a relatively healthy lifestyle but when I turned 50 and at the same time faced multiple stressors in my life I got way off track and was honestly a mess – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Thankfully that’s when I met with Shannon. I appreciated that Shannon didn’t tell me what to do but she asked the right questions to help me be conscious and intentional about how I was living my life and what I wanted to change. My time with Shannon was just what I needed to take charge of my health again.